If you’ve been reading the blog for a while now then you know I’m from Louisville, KY and Matt and I go back often to visit my family and our friends! Over the summer I took a week by myself and traveled back home to surprise my best friend, Kristin, and visit all of our other friends who I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving. Kristin husband and I planned how the surprise would go. She works from home and he made sure after she got off work that she wasn’t going to go anywhere and then I would just knock on the door. The last time she and I spoke we were talking about Matt and I coming for this Thanksgiving and what we would do while we were in town. So she had no idea what I had planned. I was able to get a direct flight so traveling was a breeze and then I borrowed my parents car and drove over to their house. I played it all out in my head over and over and was beyond excited to knock on her door and surprise her. I kept Steven, her husband, updated on my ETA and then I pulled into their driveway. Her eldest daughter saw me out the window and I motioned to her to keep quiet as I approached the door. My heart raced, I was so excited! I rang the doorbell and hid a bit to the side so she couldn’t see me out the window. As she got closer I heard the loudest scream and the door swung open. She was beyond shocked I was there and we both hugged and cried for a minute. It was the best moment! I ended up spending the whole weekend at their house and she and I relieved what our high school sleepovers were like. That whole week was just what I needed, time with all of our friends and my family.

Also, while I was in town I did a session for Kristin and Steven’s family. Their youngest was turning one and we wanted to document this special time and their sweet family. Enjoy some favorites!



Robinson Family | Louisville Family Photographer

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